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Video update: Saturday deadline for extradition of Assange

Free Julian AssangeToday is the deadline for Julian Assange to be extradited to Sweden. Ecuador’s decision is still to be given on his political asylum in that country.
Julian Assange has stated that he will not leave the Ecuadorian Embassy in London until a decision has been made on his request for political asylum in Ecuador.
Assange has now spent two and a half weeks in the embassy.
Police are posted on every exit, hoping that he will step out and be arrested, ready for extradition… read more and watch video.

Assange 'The World Tomorrow' — looking back and hopefully forward

Julian Assange (and cigar)
The video looks back on the talk show produced by Julian Assange, where he interviews some of the most controversial people in the world.
"The World Tomorrow" is a series of talk shows which ran for twelve weeks and Assange interviewed some really interesting and extremely controversial people. Some of these people faced problems after being interviewed and aired on RT, including FBI questioning and in one case, arrest on returning home… read more and watch video.
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