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Poll shows around 60 percent of Spanish population is worse off from 2013

Spain’s center-right newspaper, El Mundo, published the results of a survey on Tuesday, showing that despite Prime MInister Rajoy’s assurances that things are better, 60 percent of the Spanish population has less money coming in than they did a year ago.

Short documentary: ‘Egyptian Winter’ as unrest continues

Independent film-maker, Brandon Jourdan, has put together a fascinating 11 minute documentary film outlining the current situation in Egypt under the rule of President Mohamed Morsi and the continuance of the revolution.

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Nobel Peace Prize hit by crisis and to be reduced

Alfred NobelWith the economic crisis continuing, even the Nobel Peace Prize has felt the hit. Prizes will be reduced by up to 20% this year.
Based in Stockholm, Sweden, the Nobel Foundation had decided to reduce the value of the 2012 prize, due to economic difficulties.
While still a coveted prize, Nobel winners this year will receive 8 million Swedish kronor (about $1.1 million) each, as compared to the 10 million Swedish kronor, or $1.4 million, received last year.
The Nobel Foundation is trying to safeguard the long-term capital of the organization… read more.
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