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Dirty gold mine depriving Peruvians of clean water

Peruvians being beaten by police in Cajamarca
The people of the Peruvian city of Cajamarca have sent a cry for help. They say they only have water for two hours of each day. Some areas have no water for weeks. Protests are met with violence.
Rainforest Rescue (Rettet den Regenwald) received a desperate cry a few days ago from Cajamarca in Peru. “We only have water for two hours each day!”
The people in Cajamarca have been protesting against the extension of Latin America’s largest gold mine. The gold mine is destroying their natural water resources and an important headwater stream of the Amazon is also at serious risk. The mining is depriving the people of their water and is contaminating it with cyanide and heavy metals… read more and sign petition.
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